Sunday Shares #11: Getting Wikipedia Links & Speeding Up WordPress

Its Cyber Weekend and I have three articles I would like to share with you amidst the online rush to snap up the best deals you can find.

In this issue of Sunday Shares, I’m sharing several posts I’ve read in the past month (since I haven’t posted a Share in a while) and these are focused on SEO and content writing.

I’m excited to share these because I really learned something from each and I’m sure you would learn a lot too. So here we go.

(1) The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Wikipedia Backlinks

This first article is a tutorial from Matthew Woodward, who lays out the steps to doing something that I’ve always wondered about – getting links from

Wikipedia is one of the top websites online in terms of quality, authority and traffic. Getting a link from Wikipedia, because it’s not so easy to do if you don’t know how, could give your website a boost. It would be link Wikipedia saying to Google “hey, I respect this little guy, show him some love”.

So Matthew, who is an authority in SEO, gives you a few strategies for getting links from Wikipedia and they’re all really simple and effective if you really decide to implement them.

Stuff like:

  • Finding dead links
  • Finding broken links
  • Finding opportunities to add citations
  • Resources for finding these opportunities

Check out Matthew’s tutorial on getting Wikipedia backlinks and give your website or blog an SEO boost.

(2) How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site & Increase Organic Traffic

In this post, Tung Tran of Cloud Living shares 22 tips for speeding up your WordPress website so that you can get higher rankings and therefor more organic traffic.

There are a lot of factors that can slow down a website, from bad web hosting to badly coded WordPress themes and even using too many plugins on your blog.

Fixing these problems can cause an increase in your WordPress loading speed which is good for your SEO. Faster loading websites mean better user experience and when that happens, Google rewards you with better rankings.

I went through the tips myself to see what I could do to speed up my own website but found that my site actually loaded fast enough because I’m hosting with Wealthy Affiliate web hosting with a feature called SiteSpeed enabled. SiteSpeed optimizes your website so that it loads faster without the need for plugins. You can just toggle it on from inside your SiteRubix dashboard.

Another thing I liked about the article is that Tran agrees with two recommendations that I’ve been mentioning on this website for a while.

If you want a fast loading WordPress website and get Google to give you more traffic then stay away from Bluehost and have your site hosted by a non EIG-affiliated web host. If Wealthy Affiliate web hosting is not the ideal situation for you then I recommend SiteGround which is a great web host and they have WordPress optimized hosting which will do the job.

Follow this and 21 other steps to speed optimize your WordPress website.

(3) How To Plan Your Blog Post From Start to Finish

Finally, having a good article structure that is engaging to readers is very important for SEO. This is why it is a good idea to plan your blog posts from start to finish before you do them.

Ali Luke of Aliventures posted this article on Problogger outlining her process for planning out blog posts.

I actually use a similar method where I write down the outline of the post I want to write on paper before I post it. These Sunday Share posts if you look back at them are all laid out in pretty much the same way because they aren’t that tough to write so I follow a simple template.

More in depth posts and reviews are more carefully outlined and planned. If you struggle to write posts, having an outline can help break down your work into easier blocks that make your writing seem effortless.

Follow the steps Ali outlines in her posts and you will have easy to write and engaging blog posts that will boost your SEO.

These three posts should help your rankings if you follow and implement some of the tips given. Check them out and hopefully you’ll learn as much as I did when I read them.

Then next week (hopefully), I’ll share three more links with you that I enjoyed reading. If you liked these, you can go through the ones you missed and tell me what you think in the comments.


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