Sunday Shares #18: Keeping Yourself Motivated in Business

motivationHow do you stay motivated while working on your online business?

Everyone has their own solutions for days when they don’t feel like lifting a stroke but in today’s Sunday Shares, I’m sharing ways you can get the motivation to keep on moving ahead.

I’m also sharing two posts where you can learn how to get more comments more often on your posts and some power words, almost 600 of them that will improve your writing instantly.

(1) How Do I Sustain Motivation In Business Over Time?

This first post is from Kyle over at Wealthy Affiliate and it’s about sustaining motivation to keep going in your business.

He acknowledges that even the best of us gets burnt out every now and then in our businesses. After all, we have to do research, writing and a bunch of other activities in order to progress our websites. This can sometimes be tiring when we have to do it every day.

So how do we keep motivated to keep going?

I can relate to Kyle’s suggestion on what he personally does to keep motivated. I do some of these same things every now and then.

Kyle has these 6 suggestions and I’ve added my own thoughts.

Setting goals – nothing keeps me grounded more than setting out daily tasks and checking them off then watching the results compound to achieve a goal I’ve set.

Set goals and then create tasks that will lead to your goals. Your level of motivation will stay high as you feel the progress from checking off these tasks and the wins from achieving a set goal. You’ll want to do more.

Help people – helping people can feel very rewarding and you’ll want to push yourself more as you make a difference in other people’s lives.

I personally try to help as many people as I can by creating useful posts on this website and by helping other Wealthy Affiliate students when they ask questions inside the members area.

Learn something new – This is a good one and I can’t tell you how many things I’m trying to learn right now. Spanish, music production, things specific to niches that I’m working in and some other stuff. Its always good to take a break from just having your mind on marketing.

And you can always learn something new within marketing that helps your business move forward. Learning stimulates your brain and gets you excited and motivated.

Take a break – If you feel like you’re just stuck and want to give up, then what you may actually need is a break. I take Fridays off to shoot some pool and every now and then and when I get back to work, I feel motivated to get going again.

Change your environment – This works. I’ve worked from a coffee shop before and I can honestly tell you that you are focused when you shouldn’t even be with all the activity going on around you. You just want to get things done and they get done.  I’ve shared this tip before and just today I was reading an article on the Trello blog about the “coffee shop effect“.

Reflect on the real potential – You must have known what you were getting into when you started your business and what you could really achieve. That is still possible and Kyle suggests that you should reflect on this potential and it will motivate you further to keep pushing. This is another absolute truth.

Check out the full post over on Wealthy Affiliate to fully understand how to keep being motivated.

(2) Five Ways to Encourage Readers To Comment More Often on Your Posts

Writing a post and not getting comments on it can feel like you’re talking to a wall or nobody’s reading.

But they are reading (you’ll know if you have Google Analytics set up).

Ali Luke wrote a post on Problogger to help remedy the problem of not getting comments. Encouraging readers to comment on your posts more often isn’t a tough task when you realize that each of the five suggested ways are completely doable.

Among them are commenting on other people’s posts and responding to comments people leave. These are probably the two easiest ones to implement and two that I’m always doing.

Read the full post over at Problogger and prepare to start answering some comments.

(3) 595 Power Words That’ll Instantly Make You a Better Writer

This last one is from an amazing blog that I regularly read and have shared with readers before.

Jon Morrow, the owner of Smartblogger, wrote this post where he shares 595 words that will make you a better writer. Depending on the emotion you want to inspire in your reader, you’ll find 7 different types of power words that evoke:

  1. Fear
  2. Encouragement
  3. Lust
  4. Anger
  5. Greed
  6. Safety
  7. Forbidden

These words are powerful when used in your writing and you have probably been subjected to them by copywriters, advertisers and even the media. Influential people use them to make you feel how they want to make you feel so that they can get a certain response from you.

Use these words in your writing if you want to become a better writer.

There you have it for this week. Three marketing articles that I’ve read and found interesting enough to share here.

I’ve learned something from these articles and hope that I can pass on the knowledge.

Want to discuss any of these topics? Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section below and come back next week for more.

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