How To Make Money With Weebly


When it comes to building websites, Weebly is one option that you have besides WordPress-based websites builders like Site Rubix and other HTML builders like Squarespace and Wix.

If you’re thinking about building a website with Weebly, you may be also thinking about how you can make money using this platform.

There are a number of ways you can make money with websites whether you’re using Weebly or another website builder but in this article we’ll look at the money making opportunities that Weebly provides.

Weebly has advanced a lot from since they started back in 2006, adding many features and progressing with technology. They’re certainly a good option for building websites if you want an alternative to WordPress.

In this post:

  • What does Weebly offer?
  • Weebly features
  • 7 wonderful ways to make money with Weebly

What Does Weebly Offer?

Before we get into the ways in which you can earn an income with Weebly, let’s take a look at what they offer so we can get a better idea about the platform you’ll be using.

Weebly started back in 2006 offering simple solutions for website building way before everyone started using WordPress for building complex websites. They offered a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that didn’t have much editing options and only a handful of templates to choose from.

Today, they remain part of the conversation when it comes to choosing the best website builder because they’re constantly adding features and staying in tune with the latest developments in website building.

Besides website building solutions they also offer eCommerce solutions so that you can easily build an online store where you can sell products similar to what is offered by Shopify or WooCommerce.

To help manage your website on the go, Weebly also offers mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. This way, you have the convenience of editing your website or managing your store without being chained to a desktop.

Weebly Features

Weebly featuresWeebly has a lot of features that provide a rich web building experience for any website owner or designer. There are a number of beautiful, mobile-responsive themes to choose from and you can edit and customize them on the backend to suit your business vision.

Here are some other features that Weebly has so you can build the perfect website.

  • drag and drop builder – no need for coding, just place your elements where you need them.
  • custom fonts – change your font to show off your unique brand and style.
  • video backgrounds – create dynamic pages that grabs visitors interest
  • custom HTML/CSS & Javascript – further customize your website using code
  • image editor – edit and modify your photos without leaving your website
  • site search – add website search to help visitors find info quickly
  • parallax & reveal  – add beautiful animation effects to stand out
  • video & audio – display media on your website with stunning clarity
  • integrated analytics – see your stats right in your websites dashboard
  • reliable hosting – serves your website fast and without downtime
  • SSL security – one click certificates and other security features
  • SEO – easily optimize your website for search engines
  • blogging platform – create timely posts and content for your readers
  • community & support – for when you need help with something
  • app center – similar to plugins, add 3rd party apps to extend functionality to your website

These are just some of the many features you have when building a website with Weebly and I didn’t even mention the ones for the online stores.

You can certainly create a great website using all these features. But what is a great website if you don’t know how to make money with it?

Below are seven wonderful ways to make money using the Weebly website builder.

You do not need to do all of these methods to make money with Weebly. Just pick one that you think you can manage and focus on doing that.

When you’ve mastered one, you could probably pick another one and do that as well.

1. Create Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketing is not only a very profitable way to make money online. It is also fun and gives you a lot of freedom with your time.

One way to make money with Weebly is to use the product the way it was intended – to create a website for your business. And your business is your website if you choose to do affiliate marketing.

There is a simple process to making money with affiliate marketing but a lot of people over-complicate things.

The basic outline of affiliate marketing is:

  1. Pick a topic that you’re interested in where you can help as many people as you can
  2. Build a website
  3. Create content so you can attract traffic to your website
  4. Monetize the content with affiliate links to products your audience will find useful

Follow this simple outline using Weebly as your website builder and you should be able to create a profitable website that makes you money. I personally prefer using Site Rubix and you can see why here.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and you would like to follow a step-by-step structured training program that tells you what to do and provides you with support, then you need this. It is what I have personally used and it has helped so many people earn full time incomes online.

To create affiliate websites with Weebly, all you would need is:

2. Create and Sell a Digital Product or Service

Affiliate marketing isn’t the only way to make money with a website that you own.

If you have expert knowledge about a topic, another way you can go is to create a digital product like an ebook or video course and sell it through a site like Clickbank.

You can build and host your website through Weebly and use Clickbank as your payment processor and as a way to get affiliates to send free traffic and sales to you.

You can also offer a service such as freelance writing or sell digital photography through your Weebly website.

Websites that sell digital products or offer services do not need a lot of pages but Weebly websites offer blogging features which you can use to create extra keyword-based content that can bring you free additional traffic through search engine optimization or social media marketing.

3. Create an Online Store

There are lots of different platforms you can use to create an online store. Solutions like Etsy, Shopify and WooCommerce if you’re using WordPress are some of the different store creators.

Weebly is another option you can choose if you have your own physical products and want to sell it online.

They have lots of features that will enable you to run and grow your store with the same ease as the other platforms.

Tools include email marketing solutions like sending an abandoned cart email to rescue sales, creating Facebook ads right inside Weebly and tracking your performance with built-in analytics and stats.

More tools easily let you manage all the different aspects of running any online store.

  • real time shipping rates
  • inventory tracking
  • creating coupons and gift cards
  • checkout management (Paypal, Stripe & Square)
  • customer reviews
  • product search
  • product badges (sale, out of stock etc)

The handy mobile app for Apple and Android devices is also available to help you manage your store on the go.

weebly appsCreating and managing a store is easy with Weebly and if you’re looking for a way to make money online then you can use this method to make money with Weebly but only if you’re also in the position to consider running an online store.

To run an online store, you’ll need:

4. Design Websites for Local Businesses

Another way to make money using Weebly is to use your web design skills to build websites for others.

There are lots of local businesses that probably still do not have an online presence and still there are others who may have one but not a very good website.

This is a great opportunity to help out your community and make some money in the process.

You can get them set up with a Weebly account and build their website for them. As simple as the platform is to use some businesses prefer not to do this themselves and prefer hiring out the work.

Once you get them set up with their own website, you can add social media accounts like Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and ensure that their website is properly set up on Google for local business.

One way in which Weebly has enabled designers to profit from using their platform is the Weebly Cloud. This alternative, gives you an account where you can design websites for clients as a web designer or agency.

If you’re a designer, you can use the Weebly Cloud to build and customize websites and online stores for clients by really getting under the hood to play around with HTML, Javascript and CSS to give each client a unique creation.

Designer access though comes with 3 plans you can choose from and charges per website published.

5. Create and Sell Websites

Rather than start from scratch, some people like to buy ready-made websites and then work on growing them.

By doing this they can hire out the content writing because everything else has already been done for them. The niche or website topic has already been picked. The website has already been built with all the necessary pages. The site is already optimized for search engines and maybe even indexed.

So all the new owner needs to do now is to continue to grow the site’s traffic and add monetization.

Your job is to do the ground work – research the niche, keywords, competition, build the website in Weebly and add all the pages needed. You can then offer the website for a flat rate as a ready-made website. Maybe you could start with a handful of these so potential buyers can choose which one they would like.

Human Proof Designs uses this method and they made over $1 million in sales in 2017.

For this method, you’ll need to know the marketing process to be able to build websites and also a way of marketing yourself so people can know about your products.

6. Develop Apps and Themes for Weebly

Weebly AppsThis one is probably the toughest one on the list but if you’re a developer who has worked with apps and themes before then this one is for you.

One thing you could never have enough of when it comes to website building is themes. Everyone wants their website to look beautiful and unlike other websites available. So they seek out themes that they can customize to make it unique to their business.

With a marketplace of over 30 million users, you can make a lot of money developing themes for Weebly users.

Then there are also apps. To add functionality to Weebly websites, users can add apps to their websites just like how WordPress users can add plugins.

To get started building apps or themes, you’ll need a Weebly developer account which will allow you to use Weebly tools and APIs to develop these products.

You’ll get detailed documentation and support so that you can successfully build products Weebly users can use on their websites and online stores.

7. Promote Weebly as an Affiliate

I left his one for last because this is one of the best options available through Weebly.

If you’ve used Weebly, love the website builder  and want to tell people about it through your own website, then you should consider using their affiliate program to monetize your links.

This is a great way to make some passive income. You can help people get started online with a web presence and make money referring them to a platform where they can create beautiful websites and stores.

make money with Weebly

Weebly’s affiliate program gives you 30% of the sale and is operated through the affiliate network Shareasale.

The program offers 120 day cookies so you can earn commissions long after the user clicked on your links. They have lots of banners and creatives to help you promote and occasionally offer bonus campaigns so you can earn extra.

To make money with the Weebly affiliate program, you’ll need a Shareasale account and affiliate marketing training. Check out Wealthy Affiliate for step-by-step training on earning money as an affiliate marketer.

Final Word

Weebly may be just another website building platform but they have some great opportunities for making money online.

You won’t be able to do all seven of these but you can just pick the one you’re most comfortable doing and go make some money.

Have you tried Weebly? Which money making method above would you be trying to tackle? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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